Cel-Lab Pedometer and Activity Tracker Band (iOS/Android Compatible).

Want an activity tracker but can’t afford to buy the overpriced popular brand. Then the Cel-Lab Activity Tracker Band maybe the activity tracker for you. A few features of this unit include: the ability to tracks steps, number of calories burned, distance traveled,¬† Iphone and Android Compatible (there’s and app for that), waterproof and a rubberized secure band that’s very appealing. Packaging is sleek and leaves a very minimal footprint and instruction information (drivers and software are cloud based) are very unique and exciting. The Cel Lab website directs you to download the app from either the Google or iTunes website, however, the link is listed as “J-Style Health”so there is some leg work¬† in order to get the product up and running. I have had my tracker on for a couple of days now and it’s so light that I don’t even notice its there. The tracking information is accurate and flawless interchange between tracker and phone via bluetooth. For those looking for a tough, comparable opponent to the fitbit, the Cel-Lab Activity Tracker is a very viable option. Cel-Lab Pedometer and Activity Tracker Band

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