Dashi Olive Oil and Vinegar Bottle Glass Dispenser, 17-Ounce

The original simply precise easy press and measure 17oz / 500ml modern oil & vinegar dispenser & Infuser

Get Our Top-Notch Oil & Vinegar Glass Dispenser Now And Make Your Day A Breeze- Thoughtful Construction For Better Cooking Results!

Are you sick and tired of spilling oil all around each time you are trying to add it to your salad?
Our amazing oil dispenser bottle is definitely going to rock your world! Now you are given
the chance to add the exact amount of vinegar or oil to your meals!
Say goodbye to undesirable accidents that destroyed your whole cooking process!

A measuring cap is also included! Now you can measure the amount of liquid you want to use in teaspoons or tablespoons- both options are provided!
For those of you that are on a diet and have to cut down on oil,
or for those who just love precise measuring- here’s what you’re looking for!
Functional kitchen gadgets is our thing- get ours now and feel the difference!

Premium Quality Like Never Before

Unlike similar products that let you down too soon, this one is built to last for a lifetime!
Thanks to its high-quality glass construction, you can easily maintain this container’s exceptional condition;
all you need to do is to clean it, and all of the excess fat and dirt will be gone!
Our product is also dishwasher safe – what else do you need?

The Best Glass Dispenser You’ll Ever Have

We are pretty sure you’re going to love our product, because:
• Our improved mechanism makes all the difference,
• You’ll receive the best customer service there is,
• You can pour the right amount of oil and vinegar easily with our drip free spout,
• It features a durable glass body,
• Beautiful modern design,
• Press the oil pump gently in order to fill the measuring cup within seconds,

Get It Now With Confidence!

Don’t Miss That Chance- We’re Running Out Of Stock!




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