AquaDance Premium-Plus High Pressure 6-inch Rainfall Shower Head

Aqua Dance® Premium Rainfall Showerhead – offers the Ultimate Shower Experience!

You will love the Extra-Large 6″ Chrome Face and RUB-CLEAN JETS that will make cleaning your shower head easy and effortless!

When I review a product, and give an unbiased review there are certain things I look for

First, how fast was this product shipped?  Shipping was fast considering with Amazon, I have never had an issue with that.

How was this product packaged?  Extreme care was taken to ensure that the product was delivered in pristine condition.

Product dimensions? The unit is 6 x 6 x 3.5 inches and weighs 12 ounces.

Entry into the marketplace?  There are several other models on the market that are like this one

Price comparison? Price point is much lower than the other comparative models available.


-It’s not going to break your wallet and very affordable for a well-made item.

-Works with standard showers and all equipment included for install.

-Has a unique spiral wave pattern that results in a great shower

-Fashionable and functional

-Easy to clean

-Unisex (one size fits all)


-Warranty information wasn’t readily available to the consumer.

For $20 you really can’t go wrong with this product.  I thought I would give this Aqua Dance Premium Shower head a try because Amazon has such a great return policy! I loved it so much, I bought a second one for my other bathroom. I had no idea that my shower could have that much power! The water comes out so nicely and with a good force. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get more power out of their shower. Just screw it on and it’s ready to go!

Check out AquaDance and get your shower head here:

As with all my reviews, there is no compensation involved. I do this purely out of my belief that if a product is that good, then it will sell itself. I am an advocate for the entrepreneur, the small business owners and the family-oriented businesses.

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