Drink Muddler, Stainless Steel Mojito Bar Tool with Nylon Tip


  • Muddle, Crush and Pulverize Like A Pro – the grooved nylon tip grips your fruit, herbs and spices so they don’t fly or squirt away. The tip is gentle on mint and herbs so they don’t become completely pulverized and bitter, or you can use the rounded stainless steel end and a cutting board to gently muddle fragile herbs. Crushes citrus with authority to extract the aromatic oils from their zests. Long enough to reach to the bottom of your taller cocktail glasses. The nylon tip prevents your glass from being damaged.
  • Doesn’t Transfer Flavors and Odors. Food Safe and Sanitary – premium stainless steel muddler doesn’t absorb liquids, flavors or odors so it won’t transfer extra, unwanted flavors and colors to your next drink. There is no contamination of your drinks from coatings and finishing materials common to wooden muddlers, and also no chance of cracking or absorption that creates a haven for grit and germs (common to wooden muddlers). BPA free, food-grade 18/8 stainless steel and toxin-free nylon tip.
  • Versatile – Goes Beyond the Cocktail – easily muddles anything including mint, cucumbers, strawberries, herbs and spices so you can create much yummier flavor-bursting cocktails. And you won’t stop with cocktails. Use your muddler to make so much more, including: BBQ rubs and sauces; guacamole; muddled fruit, veggies and herbs to infuse flavor into water, lemonade and tea; infused olive oil; jalapeno dip; garlic butter for scrumptious garlic bread.
  • Beautiful, Fun and Easy to Use – Solid (doesn’t feel hollow) with a sleek contemporary design that looks beautiful on your kitchen counter. Feels like you have complete control when using it (because you do!). Durable, easy to clean. Dress up your muddler handle with the three removable optional decorative rubber rings. Dishwasher safe but handwashing is recommended.
  • 100% No-Hassle Lifetime Guarantee – Order now with peace of mind with our 100% No-Hassle Lifetime Guarantee. And when you do, consider getting several, one for you and a couple extra for your very best friends. Makes a great gift – it sure beats the heck out of a tie or a scarf! You’ll love the recipes and pro muddling tips included in the free downloadable ‘Muddle Flavor-Bursting Cocktails With Ease’ pdf ebook. Take your muddling beyond the cocktail!
  • https://www.amazon.com/Drink-Muddler-Stainless-Steel-Mojito/dp/B00MJ6JM6G


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