Project Smile – Bits & Pieces

Being Lydia!

Well, I survived my latest dental adventure.

This dentist that my dentist sends me to for extractions is great. He remembered right away that he had seen me before and wanted to look at his  “handiwork”. After being satisfied that it had healed properly he examined the x-ray and the tooth he would work on this time.

I did ask for a second opinion on pulling all my teeth, explaning my health concerns and the fact that sometimes I am just overwhelmed by pain and fatigue and “forget” about dental hygiene.  He said he understood (it was nice to hear even if it wasn’t totally true 😉 ) and that my teeth weren’t in the best of shape but still weren’t that bad. In the end, he agreed with my own dentist that it would be in my best interest to keep my teeth as long as I can. In fact, this…

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