Toys and Treats, Part Two

Learning from Dogs

Top 5 Homemade Treats and Dog Toys for Powerful Chewers

Continuing Sarah’s guest post. Part One was yesterday.


Here Are Some Heavy Duty Dog Toys You Can Make Yourself

#1: “Indestructible Dog Toy (Made with Dried Sweet Potato)

sweet-potato-ring-toy-6 I love this toy because it’s both healthy for my dog and has no unnecessary additives. It’s a great chew toy and treat all in one.

Shesparticular on came up with this idea for a DIY chew toy for her mom’s dog. Her mom’s dog, Molly, loves to play. She says when Molly plays it “usually involves rounding up all her toys and ripping them to shreds.”

In Shesparticular’s pictures of Molly, you can tell she’s a little dog. It may seem surprising, but little dogs can do just as much damage as big ones. So this recipe she’s come up with is pure genius if you want to…

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