Getting fitter in 2017!

Beauty and the Ballroom

I’ve read a lot of blogs with New Year’s Resolutions in which is great….many have the same things and lots say they want to get fitter, eat healthier and so on.  I want the same, but for me there is no point in setting it as a resolution because I’d have broken it already with the cup of tea and handful of jaffa cakes I had last night!  😛

So…no ‘new year’s resolutions’ for me as such…more of a ‘just get on and do it woman!!’

Tonight is back to Zumba which I love, I’ll have to take it steady as I’m still suffering with my chest after having bronchitis last month but it really will be my kick start!  If you’re reading this and are local to Basingstoke and Tadley, check out the website for 4-Fitsake or check it out on Facebook .  I go to the Zumba class…

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