by Neo Dynamics Larger Stronger Better Magnets Package 2 Discs (D1.5″ x 1/5″) 2 Hooks (D1.25″) 80 lbs Heavy Duty Neodymium Magnetic force. Perfect for Homeowners

71r4vnh0al-_sl1500_PERFECT for Homeowners and Professionals! Avoid putting dents and making holes on your walls.
THICKEST 1/5″ Magnets = Break-Resistant Not Fragile for handling (1/5″ VS. 1/16″ other magnets)
X-LARGE 1.5″ Diameter = easy to handle and won’t be confused for children’s toys (1.5″ vs 1″ other magnets)
TWICE As Powerful HOOKS (80 lbs) + MAGNETS (20 lbs)
2 in 1 BUNDLE Package = 4X the versatility for home, kitchen, therapy, automotive, crafts, industrial applications.

Great magnets and are very strong. Fast shipping, packaged well and reasonable cost.

Get yours here:

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