TWOBIU TWOBIU Popcorn Maker FDA Approved Popcorn Popper Popcorn Machine

One-key Operation: The One-key operation make it exceptionally easy to operate the popper. Just pop and enjoy! Put some kernels into the popping chamber, it will send up to 16 cups of popcorn out to the chute right into a waiting bowl- all this happens in less than 3 minutes! Auto-shut off function make it easier and safer!
Healthier Choice: Pop with hot air – 100% oil-free popcorn makes it a healthier snack choice for the whole family. Without oil, cleaning is a real snap. Clean the popping chute and measuring cup with a damp tower moistened by warm soapy water. Make sure your popping machine is completely cooled.
DIY your healthy snack: DIY is fun! Melted butter and salt makes it a traditional taste. Have you tried adding Parmesan cheese, chili powder or cinnamon sugar? Or mixing your popcorn with roasted nuts, chocolate chips and dried fruit to make a satisfying trail mix? A special treat would save your day!
Premium Quality: The popping chamber is made of food-grade Aluminum Alloy, which contains no harmful chemical substances, while the surface is made of BPA free and durable thermal-conduct ABS, featuring a wild range of exceptional damage resistance such as scratches and bumps of everyday use.12 MONTH warranty!

Great product that makes popping corn easy and healthy. This is a 5 star company, with fast shipping and great packaging care. 5/5
Get yours here:

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