GI Joe Becomes Joe College

Envisioning The American Dream

Vintage photograph college students 1940s

Once upon a time colleges and home ownership were a privilege reserved for the rich.

As the cost of 4 years of college education escalates between $100,00 and $200,000 we  may end up replicating  those pre- WWII times.

It was the returning WWII soldiers of the Greatest Generation and the groundbreaking GI bill guaranteeing an education to all returning veterans that changed the rarefied world of college forever, opening up the exclusive campuses for the masses and the once unreachable dream of a college education attainable for all.

1946 – Returning Vets -Headed For History

By the thousands, overcrowded transport ships and transcontinental Pullmans crawled across the continent delivering war-weary soldiers back to their loved ones. Now that they were back home for keeps, the moment everyone dreamed was here. With eyes aglow and hearts aflame … awaited the long deferred American Dream for today, tomorrow, and always.

vintage illustration wwii vets on colleg campus 1940s

Books and…

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